Instagram Services

Instagram may not drive a lot of traffic, but it is still essential to a successful business. It is a direct means of communication to your audience, reaches a new demographic from Facebook and creates brand awareness.

According to recent studies, 31.5% of U.S. users are 25 – 34 years old, 22.9% are 18-24 years old and 56% are female. Does this sound like your target audience?

Many brands are looking for Instagram-only campaigns that are paying similar amounts to old full-blog post campaigns with a fraction of the work. This proves that building an engaged Instagram audience may not show a direct ROI, but will build overtime.

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Total Social Media Management- $1500/mo

Full social media management and customer care response to direct messages and blog comments. 

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube

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